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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall humpty dumpty had a big fall. All the kings horses and kings men could not put humpty dumpty back together again. When we hear this fabled nursery rhyme as a kid we rarely think that one day this will be a euphemism for life. However more shocking still is that we find sometimes we are humpty dumpty shattered into in-congruent pieces. We all have a projected image of how we want our life to be. The pendulum in our minds begin to swing the moment we are able to grasp the concept of attaining to be more than we are. This is made relevant in the aspirations of little kids to be a particular thing when they grow up. A firefighter, a policeman , a doctor, ems, an athlete, singer, actor, or other vocation. As kids we gain exposure and in turn acquire a thirst to pursue lofty dreams. Some peoples aspirations from childhood never change and they begin to pour heart, soul, blood , sweat , tears, and a massive amount of ambition into a single solitary goal. However for others this aspiration changes , evolves , grows, or multiplies. No matter the category you fit in, there was a projected image or images on what direction you wanted your life to take. As kids we start strong ,full of zeal, pizzazz, and gusto. We all plan tentatively for things to go right , nut we are stumped rail roaded and despondent when life goes south and our plants start to sour. Unlike humpty dumpty , often we have several falls that obliterate all we had ever known to be true. How do we construct a meaningful life during lifes biggest conundrums?

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